First time disappointed by firefox

Posted by happyhardik on Jul 29, 2010 in Technology

I have been a fan of firefox since the first day when I used it. I have never turned back to IE or any other browser after that.

Recently I learned about HTML 5, which has a video tag “in built” which means, browsers will be able to play video natively without requiring flash. No more flash video players required. But this is still in its initial phase of development and in beta. Very less browsers support this right now so its tough to use it.

But Firefox and Chrome are the first browsers to start supporting it. While IE will be having it from IE9.
Today while trying to open a screen cast on, firefox was not able to load the video, which kept me wondering what went wrong, so I tried to use chrome and that also did not helped. Than I switched to IE to check and the video work and I was like.. … ….

Than I checked and found that screen cast uses HTML5 to render video, which is supported by Firefox and chrome, with bugs! (as of July 2010) while IE 8 has no support for it, so it loaded the video in Flash, which worked. 🙂

And for the first time I had to switch to IE from firefox.. 🙁


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