Beautiful mistakes in software development!

Posted by happyhardik on Nov 20, 2011 in Business, Technology

I have been very strict with my developers about mistakes and do not tolerate even a small mistake in code. Probably, they hate me for this. But recently I have been treating them lightly about making mistakes and try to help them out with their mistakes.

So, how much could this cost to me? Lets see, one day one of my developer came to me with a problem. He was not able to delete an image which was uploaded by the user. I checked his code which was something like below:

function deleteimage(file) {
root = path_to_the_root_of_all_projects;
file_name = project_name+images_folder+image_name;

The only mistake that the programmer did was that he created a variable with file_name and pass filename to the delete function. I cannot kill him for this small mistake, but due to this, the file variable that the delete function got was blank so it just tried to delete all the project folders and all the files inside it. We have more than a dozen of project folders (years of hard work) and GB’s of data inside it. Thank god that I do not give modification permission to developers on all folders, so the command gave a permission denied error with which he came to me that whenever I try to delete an image I get permission errors, and said that he has the delete permission on the images folder and I smiled and said that your file variable reaches blank in the delete function. 🙂

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