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Posted by happyhardik on Jan 26, 2012 in Business

Over the years in business, I learnt a lot of things. The most interesting thing to learn is the human psychology. If I had to launch an ecommerce website, I would think about magento or zen cart, but that’s not how clients think. Some friend or somebody would have told them that wordpress is very nice, so what they want you to do is to install wordpress (blog engine) and than convert the whole website into an ecommerce solution using some plugin. Sounds stupid, but that is not how business works. Not a good time to make a suggestion. If it worked like that than plugins like woo commerce and cart66 would not have exist or be successful.

If it was 2007, I would have said, that its not a good idea to use wordpress for an ecommerce solution and would have lost a client, but its 2012! So, in business it is more important to give customer what they want than what they actually need, unless and until they ask for your advise and trust your advise. (and pay for your advise – probably in 2017!)

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