“About me” it’s always hard to explain; possibly I am impossible to define. I am like a fluid, which takes the shape of the vessel in which it is poured. Sometimes I let my mind wonder who I am.

I am a hesitant person. I have very few close friends. Because it is difficult to find a person whose interest matches mine. I got a sharp brain, but very short tempered. People sometimes brand me as an arrogant person because of my short tempered nature, but on the other hand, I am pure hearted and sincerely hope not to harm anybody. I make friends with people in whom I believe and not by what others think about them.

My impatient nature is my specialty. I always want everything too much and too soon. I rarely complete anything as there always something new to discover. I always like getting leadership position in whatever I do and I work hard for it. I like people following my directions & wishes and I am always pleased by it. I am very proud about my self.

I don’t keep my sorrows with me for a long time, instead I over celebrate my success. I like to see every thing nice and clean and beautiful. There is always some deep desire burning in my heart to achieve something. Yeppy! Finally I wrote something that is kind of describing me. lol. I am simply a fun loving person πŸ™‚

About this site:

This website symbolize me and my life. The domain contains my name itself “hardik” and the extension tells that I am an Indian, a proud Indian πŸ™‚

The theme contain elments that make my life what it is. The lemon tea tell that I have a lot of tea, though I am not a fan of lemon tea, but I have a lot of tea. The picture below it is of eiffel tower, my dream holiday place! Not Paris, but Europe to be more specific.. 😎 Than comes the black jeans, well yes, I always wear jeans and I love them don’t know why but you will always find me in jeans.

Than there is a paper with a horse painted on it. Well, I have a habit of paiting different things on paper when I am bored. Psss.. my drawing is not that good.. πŸ˜€ Than comes the keys, well I don’t own a car at present but I own a bike which is also cool! Than there are some papers messed up, just like my desk. πŸ˜€ And than comes the iPhone, that says that I am found of technology/gadgets. Than there is a pen which is a symbol of a business man, which I am. And than comes a coin, that tells that I collect coins.

Thank you for reading this long about me!

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