Google plus development vs Facebook development

Posted by happyhardik on Oct 16, 2011 in Technology |

I have been working on Facebook platfrom from 2008 and before that worked on myspace. Recently I started learning more about google plus. After looking at the way google is providing the data, the way the data is structured, I feel google plus development is going to be a hit. When facebook started in 2008, the api’s where basic, than they evolved with time, while google’s api seems to be more structured and future ready.

Problems that we faced with facebook platfrom included, very less support from its developer forum, api doesn’t expose the internal validation rules for posted data, frequent changes to the api. But still facebook api’s were better than myspace’s opensocial.

Google recenlty launched some games for the plus users, which were based on open social. I hope google keeps plus away from open social, as I am not very positive about it. Looking at their api’s feels like it different and makes me happy!

I am going to keep posting more about this with time, as I take an insight of both these platforms. Thanks for reading.


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