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Posted by happyhardik on Jan 26, 2012 in Business

Over the years in business, I learnt a lot of things. The most interesting thing to learn is the human psychology. If I had to launch an ecommerce website, I would think about magento or zen cart, but that’s not how clients think. Some friend or somebody would have told them that wordpress is very nice, so what they want you to do is to install wordpress (blog engine) and than convert the whole website into an ecommerce solution using some plugin. Sounds stupid, but that is not how business works. Not a good time to make a suggestion. If it worked like that than plugins like woo commerce and cart66 would not have exist or be successful.

If it was 2007, I would have said, that its not a good idea to use wordpress for an ecommerce solution and would have lost a client, but its 2012! So, in business it is more important to give customer what they want than what they actually need, unless and until they ask for your advise and trust your advise. (and pay for your advise – probably in 2017!)

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Beautiful mistakes in software development!

Posted by happyhardik on Nov 20, 2011 in Business, Technology

I have been very strict with my developers about mistakes and do not tolerate even a small mistake in code. Probably, they hate me for this. But recently I have been treating them lightly about making mistakes and try to help them out with their mistakes.

So, how much could this cost to me? Lets see, one day one of my developer came to me with a problem. He was not able to delete an image which was uploaded by the user. I checked his code which was something like below:

function deleteimage(file) {
root = path_to_the_root_of_all_projects;
file_name = project_name+images_folder+image_name;

The only mistake that the programmer did was that he created a variable with file_name and pass filename to the delete function. I cannot kill him for this small mistake, but due to this, the file variable that the delete function got was blank so it just tried to delete all the project folders and all the files inside it. We have more than a dozen of project folders (years of hard work) and GB’s of data inside it. Thank god that I do not give modification permission to developers on all folders, so the command gave a permission denied error with which he came to me that whenever I try to delete an image I get permission errors, and said that he has the delete permission on the images folder and I smiled and said that your file variable reaches blank in the delete function. 🙂

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What sells in India

Posted by happyhardik on May 1, 2011 in Business

We Indian’s are different from the rest of the world, what sells in other countries does not sell here. Than what sell here in India? What we buy? Which business are never out of business? hmm good question, lets answer it:

  • Cricket
  • Cars
  • Pan ki dukan
  • Pani puri
  • Marriages, all related things, from to lights, decoration and food
  • Restaurants
  • Movies
  • Colleges, tuition classes
  • Sheila ki jawani
  • Fashion Street
  • Saas-bahu TV shows
  • Share market
  • Mobiles

Let me know if you remember anything more…


My 10th domain name in last 4 years!

Posted by happyhardik on Feb 17, 2011 in Business

On 14th Feb this year, I launched one more new website, which is the 10th domain name that I booked for my self in last 4 years. Some of them have been little fruitful, some of them have been disasters, frankly speaking most of them have been disasters 😛 but I still keep on doing it, launching new ventures, and hoping for the best.

Its been like 3 days now after the launch and things are going quite cold, I have only got around 100 clicks, after spending a few $$ behind marketing 🙁

I think now its time to analysis, study and note what mistakes I did with this one so that I don’t repeat it! and make some new ones next time.. 😉


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