With mobile and e-banking becoming common in urban India, how can we take similar services to rural India using similar technologies?

Posted by happyhardik on Aug 1, 2014 in Technology

There are two things that needs to be done, to bring the government services to the rural India:

1. Providing kiosk machines at govt centers to the people.

2. Work on UI (User Interface) of govt website and software.

Now in details:

1. The kiosk machine should be made unbreakable and ready for rough usage, as we expect that. (Learn from iPhone, metal body, gorilla glass display, build to last etc.)

2. The benefit of kiosk is that, it could be connected to good quality high speed internet through wire’s if its at a govt location.

3. Fit the kiosk machine outside of govt. offices, so that they become a 24/7 service to the people, and they feel the freedom of using it. Give them a sense that “There is no body watching you, play with it” and you will never know they will learn to use it faster than you can imagine.

4. Make it such that it doesn’t need maintenance and to avoid interruption of service put multiple machines at one location.

5. For internet connection, fit it in such a way that the back end is not accessible to the people, just like in an ATM machine. And get an uninterrupted internet connection.

6. Now on the software side, for success of any software easy to use, easy to understand, responsive and attractive to look at, is very important. Β Just to remind you, Microsoft Windows, Facebook website, Twitter website or Gmail, non of them comes with a “Manual” of how to use it, still we all use them, and learn to use them easily without much help. Why?

Recently I tried to book an appointment to get a learning licence for car, being an IT engineer with 7 years experience in website development, I was NOT able to book an appointment and had to pay the agent for booking an appointment for me. I am not sure, if I am so dumb to use a website, or the website creator is so dumb to create such a site but Β I leave the decision upon you.

7. Websites should be responsive. When we create a website, we test it in Chrome, Firefox, IE 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Safari. We also test it in 1024×768, 1920×1080 monitors, tablets and mobiles. We don’t ask our users to find an old PC with IE and 1024×768 resolution.

This machines could act as a base for e-governance.


What not to do in a technical job interview (for Gujaratis – India)

Posted by happyhardik on Aug 22, 2012 in Life, Technology

I have personally interviewed about 100 candidates by now in the past 5 years. And some of them were epic, so I am sharing my experience with all the people who pursue a career in IT, giving you insight knowledge about what to and what not to do in an interview or in your resume.

The first experience I would like to discuss is of a guy, who had be unemployed from past four months after graduation and wanted to get a job in PHP. So, here’s the conversation from what I remember:

Me: So, what you have been doing in the past four months, after graduation?

Him: I learned PHP

Me: Can you explain how can I transfer data from one page to another in PHP? [A very simple question for PHP developers]

Him: [After quite a bit of thinking] Cookie

Me: What is contained in the $_GET and $_POST arrays?

Him: [After much of thinking] No idea.

Me: You said you were learning PHP?

Him: Sir, actually PHP was not in our syllabus, and I did project in ASP.NET, so I don’t know much about it, I read some tutorials, that’s it.

Me: Okay, so you learned ASP.NET?

Him: Yes, Sir.

Me: How many types of authentication are there in ASP.NET?

Him: [After much thinking] 2 or 4. Sir, actually I didn’t pay much attention to ASP.NET at that time because I wanted to go in PHP.

Me: So, you don’t know much about ASP.NET because you wanted to go in PHP and you don’t know anything about PHP because that was not in your syllabus? [Claps]

I don’t think I need to explain, why he was not selected. The second biggest epic was a girl from some too data security concerned company or may be just lied.

Me: So, how did you deploy your projects?

Her: Sir, actually we had a senior, who did that for us.

Me: Do you know FTP?

Her: No, I have heard about it

Me: Which server use used for PHP?

Her: Sir, we got a PC with PHP and everything installed.

Me: Do you know HTML?

Her: No Sir. Design was given to us ready made.

Me: Can you write a query for me?

Her: No Sir, Database was handles by another developer.

Me: Can you write a fibonacci series program for me?

Her: No sir, I have not written that kind of program.

No matter what I asked her, either that was not part of her role, or she didn’t wanted to do it. And the third main important thing not to mention is, your experience that you love to mention but is really not useful.

One guy mentioned in his resume for a programming job, that I have an experience of working as a hardware engineer for 1.5 years handling 900 computers. That’s great, but how does it helps in programming?

Last but not the least, the most common problem, happened with many guys:

Me: Can you write a fibonnaci series program for me?

Lot of candidates: Sir, actually I knew the program, but its been years, so I have forgotten it.

Me: Suppose, that fibonnaci series was invented today, and its a new series, for which there is no program written till now, and you are given the job to invent the program for fibonnaci series, then how would you approach towards it?

Log of candidates: [Confused, Offended, Looking at me like I am mad] I don’t know.

The problem here is that you were sent to college to learn programming but not programs. You learned programs and now you forgot them. If you learned programming, you would never forget that and would be able to write any program, any time in your life.

Why, I mentioned Gujaratis in the title, was because I found this problem mostly with gujarati candidates. The outside state candidates were quite more talented than the Gujarati candidates. Mostly because of the competition that they faced.



Business and clients

Posted by happyhardik on Jan 26, 2012 in Business

Over the years in business, I learnt a lot of things. The most interesting thing to learn is the human psychology.Β If I had to launch an ecommerce website, I would think about magento or zen cart, but that’s not how clients think. Some friend or somebody would have told them that wordpress is very nice, so what they want you to do is to install wordpress (blog engine) and than convert the whole website into an ecommerce solution using some plugin. Sounds stupid, but that is not how business works. Not a good time to make a suggestion.Β If it worked like that than plugins like woo commerce and cart66 would not have exist or be successful.

If it was 2007, I would have said, that its not a good idea to use wordpress for an ecommerce solution and would have lost a client, but its 2012! So, in business it is more important to give customer what they want than what they actually need, unless and until they ask for your advise and trust your advise. (and pay for your advise – probably in 2017!)

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Beautiful mistakes in software development!

Posted by happyhardik on Nov 20, 2011 in Business, Technology

I have been very strict with my developers about mistakes and do not tolerate even a small mistake in code. Probably, they hate me for this. But recently I have been treating them lightly about making mistakes and try to help them out with their mistakes.

So, how much could this cost to me? Lets see, one day one of my developer came to me with a problem. He was not able to delete an image which was uploaded by the user. I checked his code which was something like below:

function deleteimage(file) {
root = path_to_the_root_of_all_projects;
file_name = project_name+images_folder+image_name;

The only mistake that the programmer did was that he created a variable with file_name and pass filename to the delete function. I cannot kill him for this small mistake, but due to this, the file variable that the delete function got was blank so it just tried to delete all the project folders and all the files inside it. We have more than a dozen of project folders (years of hard work) and GB’s of data inside it. Thank god that I do not give modification permission to developers on all folders, so the command gave a permission denied error with which he came to me that whenever I try to delete an image I get permission errors, and said that he has the delete permission on the images folder and I smiled and said that your file variable reaches blank in the delete function. πŸ™‚

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Google plus development vs Facebook development

Posted by happyhardik on Oct 16, 2011 in Technology

I have been working on Facebook platfrom from 2008 and before that worked on myspace. Recently I started learning more about google plus. After looking at the way google is providing the data, the way the data is structured, I feel google plus development is going to be a hit. When facebook started in 2008, the api’s where basic, than they evolved with time, while google’s api seems to be more structured and future ready.

Problems that we faced with facebook platfrom included, very less support from its developer forum, api doesn’t expose the internal validation rules for posted data, frequent changes to the api. But still facebook api’s were better than myspace’s opensocial.

Google recenlty launched some games for the plus users, which were based on open social. I hope google keeps plus away from open social, as I am not very positive about it. Looking at their api’s feels like it different and makes me happy!

I am going to keep posting more about this with time, as I take an insight of both these platforms. Thanks for reading.


Godaddy Gird Service Review

Posted by happyhardik on Jun 13, 2011 in Technology

I have been a loyal godaddy customer for past three 3years. Being happy with their Share hosting service, real cheap, good uptime, ok support, great features. Than they introduce Grid Service, I was happy to learn about it.

Than one day they moved my website to another server, giving me a lot of pain and I was asked to upgrade to grid hosting to save my self. I did so and now I am in more troubles. My websites take around 1 min to load which was about 3 secs in a shared hosting environment.

I did some load testing with their shared hosting account and my average load time with 10 clients was around 3 sec which increased to 7 secs with 50 clients. With their grid hosting this has gone very high, check the results yourself:

Godaddy Grid Test result

[Click on the image to enlarge it]

I think its time to move on, they are still in beta as of 13th June 2011, unless they become stable in future.
Right now, if you are thinking of buying a hosting service, do not go for godaddy shared or grid plans as they are not stable, may be it will be after a year or so. Stay tuned for updates.

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What sells in India

Posted by happyhardik on May 1, 2011 in Business

We Indian’s are different from the rest of the world, what sells in other countries does not sell here. Than what sell here in India? What we buy? Which business are never out of business? hmm good question, lets answer it:

  • Cricket
  • Cars
  • Pan ki dukan
  • Pani puri
  • Marriages, all related things, from to lights, decoration and food
  • Restaurants
  • Movies
  • Colleges, tuition classes
  • Sheila ki jawani
  • Fashion Street
  • Saas-bahu TV shows
  • Share market
  • Mobiles

Let me know if you remember anything more…


My 10th domain name in last 4 years!

Posted by happyhardik on Feb 17, 2011 in Business

On 14th Feb this year, I launched one more new website, which is the 10th domain name that I booked for my self in last 4 years. Some of them have been little fruitful, some of them have been disasters, frankly speaking most of them have been disasters πŸ˜› but I still keep on doing it, launching new ventures, and hoping for the best.

Its been like 3 days now after the launch and things are going quite cold, I have only got around 100 clicks, after spending a few $$ behind marketing πŸ™

I think now its time to analysis, study and note what mistakes I did with this one so that I don’t repeat it! and make some new ones next time.. πŸ˜‰



hot ideas for free

Posted by happyhardik on Jan 18, 2011 in Technology

Sometimes, I let my mind wonder and when it starts doing that, it generates great ideas!
But as you know every idea could not be great, than how do you decide weather an idea is great or not?

That was a wonderful question but here we are to discuss something else. The idea that I got today is of developing a new wonderful software which I am going to share with you.

One thing that I know, success of every software (or anything that is produced) depends on the “need” of it in the market and I am sure, this could potentially have a great demand and that is why I called it a great idea.
But why I am not doing it myself, simply because I don’t have the time and money to invest in it, so I am sharing it with everyone.

Some of you must have heard of google translation, this service lets you translate any text into/from a lot of languages. It can even translate a web page. If we apply the same logic to a firefox (browser) plugin, which could remember your language preferences than you could surf the web in your own language. This could be very helpful for non-english speakers. The biggest benefit of this plugin would go to the web developers as they dont need to worry about multi language support for their websites.

If you could use google translation services for this, than you could be up and running in no time! πŸ™‚

– hardik

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First time disappointed by firefox

Posted by happyhardik on Jul 29, 2010 in Technology

I have been a fan of firefox since the first day when I used it. I have never turned back to IE or any other browser after that.

Recently I learned about HTML 5, which has a video tag “in built” which means, browsers will be able to play video natively without requiring flash. No more flash video players required. But this is still in its initial phase of development and in beta. Very less browsers support this right now so its tough to use it.

But Firefox and Chrome are the first browsers to start supporting it. While IE will be having it from IE9.
Today while trying to open a screen cast on, firefox was not able to load the video, which kept me wondering what went wrong, so I tried to use chrome and that also did not helped. Than I switched to IE to check and the video work and I was like.. … ….

Than I checked and found that screen cast uses HTML5 to render video, which is supported by Firefox and chrome, with bugs! (as of July 2010) while IE 8 has no support for it, so it loaded the video in Flash, which worked. πŸ™‚

And for the first time I had to switch to IE from firefox.. πŸ™


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